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YMCA Nairobi Central
While in Nairobi we stay at the YMCA – Central.  This location is a very nice place to stay while in the capital. It has nicely landscaped grounds, a large patio and dining room as well as a very large and nicely maintained pool.

A sparse and small double-room with toilet and shower in the room cost about $35 per night and includes breakfast.  Add lunch and dinner for about $10 – $12 more per night. 

YMCA Central Nairobi – YMCA YouTube

Cardinal Otunga Guest House
In Rongo, which is 1 town over from our Headquarters and school is the Cardinal Otunga Guest House. This guest house is a very nice lodging center that costs about $35 per person per night and includes some meals.  

Neighbor Kwa Jirani Guest House
The Neighbor Kwa Jirani Guest House, which is located next door to the Foundation’s headquarters is also available for individuals, small groups or families. The guest house costs about $30 per person per night ($50 per couple and special family rates) including breakfast, lunch, dinner and laundry service.